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New Arrival May 16th, 2005
This is Willow and her new baby, Quinn. Jane acquired Willow in February 2005. She is a Suffolk Punch and is about 2 years old. Her baby is a beautiful palomino colt with blue eyes. Willow seems to be handling motherhood well, even though she is very young.
New Arrival February 28, 2005
She is such a sweetie, very curious about everything and everyone. Her color has even changed a bit, getting more grulla colored. Jane has been getting all types of names, but hasn't really settled on one yet...although she is leaning toward Kokoapuff. Chex is a GREAT mom and very comfortable with us being around her little girl!! Chex looks great and has settled into motherhood wonderfully.
First week of summer 2003

A happy camper

Playing Musical Tires

Playing Musical Stalls

Junior Counselors
Maria & Becca
Drill Team practice

Boy Meets Dog

Lakeside Cabins
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