Horse Boarding at Shady Lawn Ranch

$260 per month includes the following:
  • 12' x 36' pipe stall with shelter over half
  • Hay - 1 leaf each per day of 2 different types of hay - usually alfafa and either a forage mix, oat or wheat, fed twice per day
  • Turn out time each day at least 6 days per week (typically all 7) - minimum of 2 hours per day
  • Daily stall cleaning by our staff
  • Use of our facilities - including main arena 135' x 260' with nearly half covered, round pen, dressage court, 2 1/2 acre obstacle riding area, and short trail around property. (Main arena is at times unavailable for use.)
Requirements to move your horse in:
  • First months board: $270 per horse
  • Security Deposit: $100 per horse

Total amount due prior to moving your horse(s) in is $370 per horse.

During fly season we feed Fly Control to all horses. Cost is $25/month.

If you wish to keep a trailer on the property: $10 per month per trailer

All riders are required to wear riding helmets while riding on Shady Lawn Ranch property.